Thursday, March 18, 2010

Example of a VF - Very Fine Note

A very fine grading would be normally the grade for a circulated note, which has visible marks of circulation. The exact description can be found under the grading tab on the menu bar. The most important factor that determines whether a note is VF or F, would be looking out for tears and holes on the note. If generally the note is free of tears, holes, and is still in 1 good single piece, without any visible ink smudging or abrasions, the note should be VF.

In this example, I am using the 100 orchid dollar note. From this example, we can see that actually a very fine note should be the lowest quality note that anyone should collect. Edges are rounded, there are may visible folds and dirt marks, but there are no tears or holes. This note would belong to the lower rung of the VF Grading.

Orchid Series 100 Dollar Bank Note by Hon Sui Sen with seal.


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