Thursday, September 23, 2010

Singapore Orchid 10 Dollars by LKS

In my opinion, an example of an Very Fine + (VF) to Extra Fine (EF) note. Sharp edges, with no signs of foxing. Bright colours with 2 light folds. Also for sale at $30 (SGD).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Issue quantity & date of Singapore Banknotes

I was just browsing through The Singapore Mint website where I found that they have revamped their website and included a page on the issue quantity and date of Singapore Banknotes.

I have noticed a odd co-relation between the quantity issued and the price of the orchid notes. The common saying is that the orchid 50 dollars' supply is very high, therefore the price is relatively low as compared to the 5 and 25 notes. However, a quick comparison between the quantity issued puts them at 62 million (50 orchid), 45 million (5 orchid), 50 million (25 orchid) pieces respectively. So is the 50 dollar orchid note grossly underpriced, or that the design of the note is not beautiful enough to drive up the demand? Another way to look at it is that someone out there is holding on to all the supply of the 5 and 25 dollars banknotes. Whatever the reason is, it definitely makes the 50 dollar note the most affordable orchid series banknote (by percentage of face value) in the whole series.

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The large silver coloured 1 dollar compared to a normal golden coloured 1 dollar. Click here for the full post.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Notes for Display

If you are looking for a picture or painting to hang on your wall, why not consider hanging up a sheet of uncut banknotes? These banknotes are not very expensive, and may even cost less than a painting. Below is a sheet of 8 uncut USA 2 dollar banknotes, which are not commonly seen in circulation. The photo frame bought from Ikea costs 16 dollars, while the uncut sheet was bought at about 100 dollars from the Singapore Mint. In my opinion, it looks good on a wall.

For a more budget friendly and smaller poster, I do have uncut sheets of 4 USA 2 dollars for sale at 48 dollars for 1 sheet. It comes with a clear plastic folder with a description page.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1935 Singapore Straits Settlement 1 Dollar Banknote

This is a very nice piece of 1935 Singapore/Straits Settlement note in an extremely fine (EF) to almost uncirculated (AU) condition, with minor foxing and handling marks at the edges. This note also has a nice serial no of 50003. Notes from the 1930s generally has only 5 digit serial numbers. This is one of my favourite notes as it contains our main languages and a tiger on the front and back of the note which is unique to Singapore. Note that the Chinese writing used is the old writing system, also known as the 繁体字 (Fan Ti Zhi). This brings along a nostalgic feeling. It is a unique note where "east" meets "west" as it also contains elements such as portraits of the British Royalty.