Friday, December 17, 2010

Business Times Feature

A while back, a Business Times journalist approached me with some questions about banknote collecting and informed me that he was running an article. While surfing the net today, I found the exact Business Times article in PDF format. This PDF gives us an insight into banknote collecting and is a tribute to Dr. Goh Keng Swee.

Click HERE for pdf download.

Know Your Money!

I have chanced upon a PDF published by MAS which gives a detailed insight into the security features on our current set of portrait notes and would like to share the link with everyone who is interested!

Also, to clear the myth that Singapore old notes are worthless (All Singapore notes are legal tender unless mutilated), it is officially stated in this MAS publication that:

‘Orchid’, ‘Bird’ and ‘Ship’ Series (Past series)
· Full value will be awarded if both sets of serial numbers are intact and
half value if only one set of serial numbers is intact. The serial number
is considered to be intact if at least four out of the seven digits appear
in full. The prefix is to be treated as one digit

Click here for full PDF, its an interesting read!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Singapore Orchid Series $50 - LKS A/1 A/2 A/3

As mentioned before, some collectors like to collect the First Prefix A/1 or even the first few prefixes A/1 - A/3. As attached are the First 3 prefixes of Singapore Orchid Series $50.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Singapore Orchid Series 50 Dollar - HSS W/O Seal

In this post, I have attached the scans of the Singapore Orchid Series 50 Dollar - HSS W/O Seal. This note is considered the 2nd rarest note after Dr. Goh's variety. This variety of 50 dollars has only Hon Sui Sen's signature without his red seal. An explanation within the collectors community is that the red seal was not ready when the first batch of notes with his signature was printed. The later orchid notes were printed with his red seal.

This note can be considered as an Extra Fine note as light folds are found on the note.

Monday, December 6, 2010

2 Consecutive Singapore Orchid Series 5 Dollars Banknote

In this post is a set of 2 consecutive Singapore Orchid Series 5 Dollar banknotes by Mr. Lim Kim San. This set of notes are in an almost uncirculated condition. Some Chinese notes collectors prefer collecting notes which serial numbers starts and ends with 9. One interesting observation about this variety of notes is that the yellow flowers tend to be printed in darker and in a more obvious shade of yellow than the rest.