Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Singapore Commemorative Notes to Celebrate SG50

It has been almost 8 years since the last issue of a commemorative note for Singapore, and this time round, MAS has issued a set of five 10 dollar notes and a 50 dollar note to mark Singapore's 50th birthday and nation building. 

For this issue, a total of 20 million pieces of the $50 notes and 75 million pieces of $10 notes - 15 million pieces of each design - are being printed, which means that the supply is ample and therefore the collector's value of these notes are not high, apart from the special numbers, as well as the error notes (if any).

For this issue, there was an embarrassing mistake made by the MAS by misspelling the name of Singapore's first President, Mr Yusof Ishak twice on the packaging - on the cover fold and enclosed booklet. However, as this mistake is made on the packaging, not on the note itself, there is no considerable appreciation of the set, especially when everyone has the same "error" folder. An interesting news article on this from the Straits Times can be found here.

However, there are also collectors' sets which are being sold, by a 3rd party vendor contracted by MAS, which may in the future, appreciate due to its limited supply.