Pre-1967 Banknotes

If anyone of you have wondered what currency Singapore was using prior to independence, you are at the right page. On each banknote's reverse, you can clearly see which group Singapore belonged to. The illustration of each note is also very unique and special. This page is still under construction while I scan and upload the notes for your viewing pleasure.

Prior to independence:

1935 - Straits Settlements 1 Dollar

The Straits Settlements were a group of British territories located in Southeast Asia. Originally established in 1826 as part of the territories controlled by the British East India Company, the Straits Settlements came under direct British control as a crown colony on 1 April 1867. The colony was dissolved as part of the British reorganisation of its South-East Asian dependencies following the end of the Second World War.

(Set of 1943 King George VI, 1 Cent to 10 Cents Banknote, these notes are uni-faced with a blank reverse)

20 Cents - Lowest denomination note with 2 face

25 Cents - Rare note

50 Cents - Uncirculated note

1 Dollar - Running pair

(1953 Malaya & British Borneo, Queen Elizabeth II 1 Dollar Bank Note)

(Reverse, with states representation)

1953 - 5 Dollars

1953 - 10 Dollars

1953 - 50 Dollars

1959 - 1 Dollar (Thomas De La Rue printer)

The Federation of Malaya (Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Melayu), is the name given to a federation of 11 states that existed from 31 January 1948 until 16 September 1963. Comprising the nine Malay states and the British settlements of Penang and Malacca.