Everyone starts collecting banknotes the point they start to keep a bird dollar in their wallets. As we get more and more interested and serious in collecting, it becomes a hobby, a very fulfilling, enjoyable and of course expensive hobby. In order to enjoy this hobby, we need to know more about it. However, there is no school or a module in school that we can sign up to learn how to collect, and this knowledge can only be accumulated by experience.

Through my years of collecting, I have accumulated some knowledge on collecting. To help new collectors, I have conjured this site to briefly share the little knowledge that I have and hope to start all collectors on the right track. I welcome any suggestions or any corrections that anyone may have for me.

I am still considered a very new collector and wish to make more friends who are also collecting banknotes or coins. We could meet up and discuss on this subject over coffee. I can be contacted at

Who is a collector?

In my opinion, everyone one of us is a collector of banknotes and coins, its just the degree of seriousness. I term everyone as a "stealth" collector. For instance, is the scenario of keeping a bird series note in your wallet and never wanting to spend it familiar to you? And this stealth collecting resulted in a stash of these notes which are tucked away in your drawer along the years?

Everyone likes to keep something unique and special for themselves. For me, I started off just like any other person, collecting these "notes of chance" in my wallet. My first "collectible" note was a 10 dollar orchid note my mum passed it to me, and this marked the start of my collection.

The note mesmerized me, I was amazed by the detail, the art and the meaning behind this note. Alongside the illustrations, there were also bits and parts of history hidden in each note. To ingnite your interest, I shall attach a small scan of the orchid 10 dollar note here.