Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1988 Singapore Proof Coin Set

Singapore released her second series of coin in the years of 1985 - 1986, with the first proof coin set released in the year of 1986. A proof set consists of all the circulatory coins, minted in silver and encapsulated, and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

When buying a proof set, firstly ensure there is a certificate. Secondly, please check whether the dates correspond to the certificate. Thirdly, check whether the capsules were opened. The same applies to the uncirculated coin sets. Do check whether the plastic casing has been cut open.

This is because even in a country as safe as Singapore, there are also black sheeps in the numismatic community. I have ever chanced upon "doctored" commemorative note sets (where the 50 dollar plastic commemorative note was swapped with a circulated one, and selling for the original price), and uncirculated coin sets filled up with circulated coins of different years. The shop still has the cheek to sell the sets at the price of the real thing. This shop in particular is located around Furama hotel, and operated by a foreign talent, coincidentally from a country known best for copying. I wonder whether if the checks on the integrity of newly migrated foreign talents are stringent enough. Please beware.

Anyway, enjoy the scans. This is a 1988 Silver Proof Set. It is one of my favourites as the coins are housed in a nice velvet red folder with our coat of arms in gold on the front.

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