Thursday, March 18, 2010

Example of a UNC - Uncirculated Note

You may ask me, so what if you describe the condition to me, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. I will try to share with you how i grade my notes. Grading is very subjective, and please do not take ones grading to be what the note is. It is best is to see and look at the note yourself and make your own judgement.

Thats why I believe that when buying a note, a good way is to request for a detailed scans, and the best is to meet up with the seller and see for yourself. That is the only way that you can make the best judgement and will be least likely to regret what you buy.

Grading of notes can also be done by experts, and the note would be enclosed in a plastic sleeve with a guarantee of the grade. One famous grader would be PMG, paper money guaranty. Do note that professionally graded notes would fetch a higher price than those not professionally graded, but you can buy these notes with a peace of mind.

Ok. Now I shall show you what an uncirculated note should look like in my opinion:


This note is one of my favourite orchid notes, it is quite rarely found as the prefix ends at A/50, which limited the supply of these notes. It is one of the most expensive note (in terms of the premium paid). Also, Singapore's weather is very humid, and notes would definately have "foxing", which is browning of the notes surface. From the scans below, you can observe that the notes do not have patches of browning (I will scan and show some examples of foxing on notes), and there are no folds. The corners are sharp and colours are very strong. Embossing cannot be seen from scans.

The background colour of the note is offwhite, which is the original colour of the note. If you see that a note is unbelievably white, it may suggest that the note was chemically treated to give that superwhite and clean appearance.


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