Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1st Series of Singapore 10 Dollar Coins

After independence, Singapore had minted its first 10 dollar silver coin in 1972 - 1974 (Eagle), 1975 - 1977 (Ship), 1977 (Asean), 1978 - 1980 Satellite). These coins comes in 2 versions, the uncirculated coins in pouches and proof coins in boxes. Uncirculated coins are minted with a larger quantity, while the proof coins supply is much lesser. The issue price for proof coins are also significantly higher as it comes encapsulated, has a shinier and nicer finishing, and of course a certificate of authenticity by the Singapore Mint.

Silver was initially used as a component for all coins, for both uncirculated coins and proof coins. However, it was changed in 1980 where the satellite uncirculated coin was minted in Copper-Nickel. So do take note when you purchase an uncirculated satellite coin minted in 1980, please do not take the silver content into consideration as there is none.

The below picture shows a coin from each series, namely the ship, eagle and satellite. You can see that the finishing of the ship and satellite coins are more mirror like and shinier than the finishing of the eagle coins as these coins are proof coins. The eagle coin is an uncirculated coin. However, the proof coins does not appear as silvery as the eagle coin, this is due to toning, which is the ageing of the coin, and this does not affect its value.


  1. Thanks again, for another interesting post!

    Would you know what the metal composition is, in these coins?
    i.e. silver/copper/nickel ratio

  2. plenty of these on ebay at moment :)

  3. in some they are sterling silver 92.5 and 7.5 copper ie 1975 one dollar low mintage only 3000
    a ten dollar same year is 50 silver 50 alloy but certificate doesnt specify which alloy hope this helps
    beware ebayer stating sterling silver it may only be 50/50

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