Thursday, February 24, 2011

Singapore Ship Series (3rd Series) 1 Dollar Notes

This post will feature the more recent Ship Series. Contrary to popular belief, not all Dr. Goh Keng Swee's variety of notes fetch a high price. In this case, the ship series 1 dollar, almost all notes are signed by Dr. Goh. The more valuable variety will be the 1 signed by Dr. Richard Hu. This is because for this ship dollar, A/1 till D/14 are signed by Dr. Goh while D/14- D/20 are signed by Dr. Richard Hu. The supply of Dr. Hu's notes is much lesser as compared to Dr. Goh's.

Another interesting point is that the signature crosses over at D/14, thus D/14 notes are more collectible as it is termed the Cross-Over Prefix.


  1. Love the ship series, has to be one of my favorite series of banknotes. Lucky for me I had a friend send me 4 banknotes from Singapore with ships or else I would of had to pay the pretty penny.

  2. hi im from indonesia i have 240 S$ the ship singapore dollar, is it still USEDABLE?