Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malaya Japanese Occupation Banknote (World War 2)

The Japanese Occupation of Singapore was a dark time in our history and one of the most iconic item that relates people to this period was the money used, which was also known as the banana note. This note was printed when the Japanese needed more money which led to hyperinflation.

"The Japanese issued banana money as their main currency since Straits currency became rare. The Japanese instituted elements of a command economy in which there were restrictions on the demand and supply of resources, thus creating a popular black market. The "banana currency" started to suffer from high inflation and dropped drastically in value because the authorities would simply print more whenever they needed more money; consequently the black market often used Straits currency."

Currently, this is one of the cheapest Malaya note that can be collected. I am selling this uncirculated 10 dollars note at 4 dollars each for anyone who is interested to obtain a piece of Singapore history.

A Brief History of the Japanese Occupation

The Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II occurred between about 1942 and 1945 after the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942. Military forces of the Empire of Japan occupied Singapore after defeating the combined Australian, British, Indian and Malayan garrison in the Battle of Singapore. The occupation was to become a major turning point in the history of several nations, including that of Japan, Britain and the then colonial state of Singapore. Singapore was renamed to Syonan-to (昭南島 Shōnan-tō), which means "Island of the Light of the South" or "Southern Island (obtained) during Shōwa period".

Singapore was officially returned to British colonial rule on 12 September 1945, following the formal signing of the surrender instrument at City Hall.

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