Saturday, November 6, 2010

Singapore Orchid Banknotes Forgeries/Replicas

Singapore banknotes are one of the hardest banknotes to forge or replicate in the world. We have harsh penalties for people who forge our banknotes and use fake notes. However, enforcement may not be as strict in other countries.

As Singapore has one of the highest denomination of banknotes in the world, which is SGD 10 000 on a single note, people tend to forge our 10k banknotes more, especially so for the Orchid notes as they are less technologically advanced and easier to forge. Another reason is that people tend to buy these notes for collection and the forgeries may go undetected for a long long time.

Through my years of collection, I have chanced upon several forged/replica notes online and would like to share with everyone here. Buying a forged 10k note can be a very painful experience. If a deal is too good to be true, please think twice or even thrice. When in doubt, always consult a friend or someone who is more knowledgeable in that area.

Look at this image of the orchid 10k note. I have highlighted the suspicious areas. Do you know what are wrong with them? You can post in the comments sections or discuss in the forum.

Also, there exists another version of the 10k which is a reproduction as a charity ticket. It is easily distinguishable by a red reproduction word printed at the bottom of the ticket.


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  2. Nothing wrong with it, so lucky you!

  3. I have a collection of 10k orchid notes to be verify and sell

  4. I have a pc of the 10k Orchid Series.
    I want to have it verified to be sure I have a genuine one.

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  6. What I understand : There should be 2 security threads ; watermark in the corner; small square should have distinct signs; wording should be Majulah Singapora

  7. i have one piece of 10.000 dolar like a picture above. if you want can whatsapp me. +6594315042

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