Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Most Valuable Banknote in the World from Singapore

Singapore loves to be the first, be it our airport, our air quality and some may even say our government. These are always debatable, but we do have a definite first, which is the fact that we have the most valuable banknote in circulation in the world today.

One of the most valuable banknote in current circulation is the Singapore $10,000 note and is worth more than £4,800 at current exchange rates. The reason that its one of the most valuable banknote is because Brunei has a 10K note as well, and our dollars are pegged to each other. Our first 10K banknote was issued in 1967, while Brunei's was issued in 1989.

The note is used mainly for transactions between banks and plays little role in everyday spending even though it is accepted as legal tender. Nonetheless, it's highly unlikely you could ever use it outside Singapore.

The front of the handsome yellow note features the country's first president, Encik Yusof. The back of the note boasts a detailed reproduction of a computer chip research lab, said by the central bank to reflect "Singapore's drive to create a high-tech manufacturing hub". (

You can read the full article here.


  1. :] I like it, but probably will never be able to afford it! That would be like the US issuing a $10,000 bill!

  2. Nut,

    Technically speaking, shouldn't this be 'one of the most' rather that the most valuable note?.....Hint...hint....Brunei BR10,000??

  3. paperbanknotes:

    Oh yes, hahaha i forgot about that, then this should be one of the most valuable note.. in view of brunei and singapore inter-interchangeability agreement! Thanks! =)

  4. Not true that $10,000 note plays little role in everyday use. I have seen it used at the casinos here - big gamblers find it easy to carry around I guess. And some businessmen carry it in their wallets to show off!

  5. US only has 100 note to make life more difficult for drug traffickers and other crooks. buying a million dollars of drugs requires a whole suitcase

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