Friday, May 14, 2010

Passing of a Titan - Dr. Goh Keng Swee

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Singapore's economic architect Goh Keng Swee died early on Friday morning after a long illness. He was 91.

Dr Goh Keng Swee will be remembered, above all, for his role as one of the prime architects of Singapore's economic success. Many of the key milestones in Singapore's journey from Third World backwater to globalised, First-World city. The late Dr Goh had seen the country through self government, survival, and hard-earned success. And as the architect of modern economic Singapore - he had laid the foundation for much of what now exists in Singapore

"At first I had no initial vision. You just start it and hope for the best. If you've a vision, that means you're a dreamer. I'm not a dreamer," said the late Dr Goh.

(Straits Times, CNA)

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  1. DR Goh Keng SWee will be remebered by us forever!He is defintely very brave.I admire him a lot for his big help to singapore.As he created education for us.We are so fortunate to be studying in good schools and have kind teachers, who supports us during examination.we will work hard and don't disapoint him.we will cherish the chances.


    comments by:nicole ann liang
    school:C.H.I.J. primary school
    date:26 august 2010

  2. I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.