Friday, May 21, 2010

Hobby of Banknotes Collection in The Business Times

Recently I conversed with a journalist of The Business Times who intended to run a story on Dr. Goh Keng Swee notes and the banknote collecting hobby. The story ran on May 20, 2010. And yes, I am the mentioned Mr. Toh in the story, haha. I am also selling some of my Orchid 50 Dollars by Dr. Goh in the previous post, you can email me if interested. They are going for very good prices starting from SGD 100 for an about EF note.

'Dr Goh Keng Swee notes are always sought after in the numismatic community in Singapore as his signed variety is rarer compared to the other signed varieties by Mr Hon Sui Sen and Mr Lim Kim San (for the 'Orchid' series),' said another collector, who gave his name as Mr Toh.

'I have more enquiries on Dr Goh signed banknotes this week and have sold quite a number of them,' he said.

'Non-collectors would be interested in getting their hands on a note to own to remember Dr Goh's contribution to Singapore history as the finance minister,' added Mr Toh, who runs a numismatic blog.

He said that the $1 'Orchid' notes in uncirculated condition, that is, those that have not yellowed or do not show any sign of use, are going for around $15-20.

The 'Orchid' series of banknotes was the first set of Singapore currency after independence, and was issued in 1967. There have been three other series of banknotes since: 'Bird' (1976), 'Ship' (1984) and 'Portrait' (1999).

(The Business Times, Singapore)

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  1. I am completely impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

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