Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1917-1920 Straits Settlements Emergency Issue - 10 Cents

These are the 1917-1920 Straits Settlements Emergency Issue - 10 Cents notes which are also affectionately known as "cardboard" by collectors. It is a green and black coloured note which was printed on white card board, thus the nickname.

The date is the emobossed seal in red at the back, with figures representing the date of issue. The day is at left, month at right and year at the bottom. Issued dates are from 1st October 1917 all the way to 10th June 1920.

It is supposedly in the size of 118mm x 76mm but many different varieties have been seen, and I have even seen them printed on larger pieces of cardboard than that.

There are 2 signatories to this note, namely the Treasurer (A.M. Poutney) and Acting Treasure (H. Marriot), with the latter being the rarer variety. 


  1. Hi Note :D i've got a mis-printed S$2 Note. Wonder if ü can tell me how much it is worth ;P i'm more than willg to send ü a pic of it

  2. I really liked this notes. I will add to my notes collection.

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