Thursday, March 3, 2011

Singapore Millennium Series 2 Dollars

Many Singaporeans may not know that besides having the paper & plastic versions of the portrait 2 dollars, there is actually another variety, which is the millennium issue. In year 2000, the portrait 2 dollars was issued with 2 red Singapore millennium logo and a single number as the prefix. Sets of these commemorative notes were packaged and released to consumers, while others were put into circulation for a year.

In this post, I will feature a set of the portrait millennium 2 dollars notes with the same serial. The logo with the numbers 0,1,2 are actually the prefixes (current notes have 6 digit serial numbers). I do have a few sets of these notes for sale, 1 set with 3 notes of the same serial is going for 15 dollars. Please email me at if you are interested!


  1. Hey Nutty

    My Opinion....

    I do not believe that there was any prefix printed with this millennium note. Obviously only a small quantity printed. Those two red squares, I do not believe they are seals either. I understand that they were the Singapore Millennium logo (replacing the letter prefix).

    When this note was first released, (like you said, packed), they were distributed through a local bank (can't remember which bank now), and were sold for S$12.50 each all containing 3 notes. These commemorative packs came in Gold or Silver hard cover.

  2. hello paperbanknotes!

    yup you are right, they are the Millennium logo, haha will edit my post!

    However, the prefix is known as the first digit, since our serial numbers for all current notes are 6 digits.

    They were distributed by UOB in the hardcover but were snapped up really fast in a few days.


  3. Nutty,

    have a read of this on the MAS website. It did mentioned that the logo replace the prefix. 5 million pieces issued.

    Refer to section D, miscellaneous, question 9.

    Have fun!

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks for the link, according to MAS the millennium logo is the prefix. In the collectors community in Singapore, the first digit together with the logo is also commonly regarded as the prefix as well, i.e Millennium 1, Millennium 2, similar to the concept A/1 A/2 etc.