Friday, July 23, 2010

Rare Singapore Ship 1 Dollar Banknotes

As mentioned previously, there are a few ways people collect notes. Some people like to collect the different signatures for a particular series (e.g. Orchid Series), special numbers, birthdays, the first of each series, the last of each series etc.

In this post, I am showing you the common but rare Ship series 1 dollar banknotes. Ship series notes were issued on 12th Jan 1987. For most people around my age, we would be vaguely familiar with these notes. Bring one or two to school, its enough to buy a couple of drinks at the school canteen or even a few nice, fancy erasers at the bookshop.

However, though these notes are common, this series of 1 dollar note was signed by 2 of our ex-minister of finance, Dr. Goh Keng Swee and Dr. Richad Hu Tsu Tau. Contrary to popular belief that all Dr. Goh's notes are more expensive, in this series, Dr. Goh's notes are the common ones apart from the D/14 prefix.

The reason is because while this series run from A/1 to D/20, only D/14 to D20 prefixes bear the signature of Dr. Richard Hu, while the rest of the A B C till D/14 series bear the signature of Dr. Goh. Therefore, due to the limited supply, the prices of Dr. Hu's notes are higher. Especially interesting is that for the prefix D/14, it is a cross signature prefix, with both Dr. Goh's and Dr. Hu's signature, with different font for the printing of the serial number.

In the scans above, I have uploaded the images of the D/14 to D/20 notes. Note the different signatures of the notes, as well as the last 2 digits, which are similar. These notes were taken from 8 different stack of 100 notes, to make out the same ending 2 numbers which makes them special.

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