Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hitachi Black and White Television

Televisions nowadays are all in the form of LCD, LED and even 3d. In this post, I will feature one of the black and white television used in the in the 1960s to 1970s. I chanced upon this beautiful working set at a shop one day, and decided to buy it to add to my collection.

Television History

1880s to 1899

Period of Dreams, Concepts and Initial Discoveries


The word "Television" is first used

1922 to 1927

Early Experiments with a MECHANICAL scanning disc system.
TV Picture is neon orange and very small.

1928 to 1934

First Mechanical TV Sets sold to public --
At the peak, 42 US stations were in operation using the Jenkins system.
However, picture quality is lacking.
Not suitable for commercial use.
Electronic TV offers greater promise.

1926 to 1935

Early Experiments with All-Electronic Cathode Ray Television
(the basic system we have today)

1935 to 1941

Electronic (Experimental) TV begins broadcasting in
Germany, England, Italy, France, USA, Holland, etc.

Early 1940s

Work begins on CBS Mechanical Color Television


Electronic (Commercial) Black & White Television
begins broadcasting in United States

1942 to 1945

World War-II halts all TV sales and most all public broadcasting.

Late 1946

First American Post War TV set is RCA 630-TS
(Less than 7,000 TV sets in USA, pre WW-II)


First Mechanical Color Television Set Placed on Market
(CBS-Columbia) at $499.95.


Mechanical CBS Color TV Broadcasting ends forever


First All-Electronic Color Television Set is RCA CT-100,
selling at $1,000


Japanese demonstrate ANALOG high-definition
TV system (called MUSE)


General Instrument's Video Cipher division announces
DIGITAL Hi-Definition System


Congress Passes the Telecommunications Act of 1995,
replacing the old 1934 laws

Late 1990s

Internet, World-Wide-Web explodes onto the scene --
ushering in new global communications for the 21st century!


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