Monday, September 16, 2013

Singapore Portrait Series Specimen 10,000 Dollars (10K)

This banknote has one of the largest denomination (real value) in the world with a face value of 10,000 Singapore dollars which is almost USD 8000. As Singapore has a Currency Interchangeability Agreement with Brunei, the Brunei 10,000 dollars note ties for the largest denomination (real value). 

The note featured in this post has a mintage of 5000 pieces and is printed on real currency paper and has all the exact anti-counterfeit features on the actual note. This note belongs to the 4th set of currency notes issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 

I have also featured the 2nd series Bird 10000 notes earlier in this post. In total, to date, Singapore has printed 4 designs of the 10000 notes, namely the Orchid, Bird, Ship & Portrait series.


  1. hi, i have a piece of ths notes and would like to sell it where should i go?

  2. Lihat Lebih Detail tentang Uang Lama :

  3. Hi Vincent how much would u like to sell? (:

  4. I got an old 10000 from the orchid series. But it has the reproduction word at the bottom. Anyone able to tell me if it's still worth money?

  5. Is there anyone interested 10,000 Singapore Orchid Series ? Characteristic features is appropriate from MAS instruction ( 2 security threads ) and not REPRODUCTION.
    Detail :
    - It has watermark
    - The orchids was shine in ultraviolet
    - Text of "MAJULAH SINGAPURA" was arise if in touched
    - It has 2 security threads
    - In thread has "KING SINGAPORE" text
    - The red box seal was shine in ultraviolet
    Contact :
    email :

  6. $10000 singapore orchids note but with red word reproduction below is it wortg anything now

  7. $10000 singapore orchids note but with red word reproduction below is it wortg anything now

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