Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1935 Singapore Straits Settlement 1 Dollar Banknote

This is a very nice piece of 1935 Singapore/Straits Settlement note in an extremely fine (EF) to almost uncirculated (AU) condition, with minor foxing and handling marks at the edges. This note also has a nice serial no of 50003. Notes from the 1930s generally has only 5 digit serial numbers. This is one of my favourite notes as it contains our main languages and a tiger on the front and back of the note which is unique to Singapore. Note that the Chinese writing used is the old writing system, also known as the 繁体字 (Fan Ti Zhi). This brings along a nostalgic feeling. It is a unique note where "east" meets "west" as it also contains elements such as portraits of the British Royalty.

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