Friday, May 7, 2010

Do not laminate your notes!

Recently I have met up with several people wanting to sell their old banknotes to me, but their banknotes were all laminated. It is a pity as the banknotes were of very good condition before they were laminated and sent to their tomb. Laminated notes lose all of their numismatic value and the banknote would be considered mutilated. Trying to even spend the face value of the note would also be hard as no one would accept such a note. This laminated note may also be considered a mutilated note. According to the Currency Act,

"The circumstances in which, and the conditions and limitations subject to which the value of mutilated currency notes or coins, or notes or coins which have been illegally dealt with, may be refunded as an act of grace shall be in the absolute discretion of the Authority. "

Therefore, do not laminate your notes or buy any laminated notes.

However, lamination is different from sealing a note in a plastic pouch. Some collectors prefer to seal their notes in a plastic pouch, and the note can still be freed from the pouch. This is ok, but lamination is not as the note can never revert back to its paper form without risking damage to it.


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