Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore Presidential Series

Some people may question whether the current presidential notes are collectible. Answering that question, there is actually a market for the presidential series notes, but only in some forms.

Presidential notes that are being collected currently are the commemorative notes in folders, First/Last Prefix Notes, Solid Number Notes, Radar Number Notes, Ladder Number Notes, Fancy Number Notes, Low Number Notes and of course Error Notes. These notes are also collected in general for other series, as well as world notes, and of course these special notes fetch a much higher premium.

First/Last Prefix Notes - Notes bearing the First/Last Prefix being issued. For the older notes, A/1 is the first prefix, for the current issue, OAA is the First Prefix.

Solid Numbers - As the name suggests, solid numbers would mean a note with all the 6 serial numbers being the same number, e.g. *** 111111 or *** 888888. In Singapore, the favorite number would be 8, thus notes with the number 8 would normally fetch the highest prices.

Radar Numbers - Notes with serial numbers that reflect on themselves, e.g. 123321, 234432

Ladder Numbers - Notes with increasing or decreasing nos, e.g. 123456, 23456

Fancy Numbers - Notes with nice numbers, e.g. 777778, 777788, 888889, 000888

Low Numbers - Notes with low serial no, e.g. 000001, 000002

Notes with 8s

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