Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bahamas 50 Cents and 1 Dollar

I am also a collector of world banknotes, including the Queen Eizabeth II series.

Queen Elizabeth's portrait appeared more often on the banknotes of Great Britain's colonies, prior to the colonies gaining independence and the use of her portrait is still present in some countries today, like Australia. The Queen has been depicted on the banknotes of thirty-three issuing authorities, as well as on an essay prepared for Zambia.

In this post, I will share you with the Bahamas 50 cent and 1 dollar banknote. You may find the layout and the printing style familiar, as Bahamas also employs the same printer, Thomas De La Rue to print her banknotes in the early days.

The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is an English-speaking country consisting of 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets (rocks). It is located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and the Caribbean Sea, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and southeast of the United States of America (nearest to the state of Florida). Its total land area is almost 14 000 km², with an estimated population of 330,000. Its capital is Nassau. (Wikipedia, 2010)

Interestingly, the currency of Bahamas is being pegged to the US Dollar, similar to how we peg our currency with Brunei.


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